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About Us

JSC “Recycling tec&sol” experience working with recycling of catalysts and non-ferrous metals is more than 10 years. All our accumulated knowledge and experience allows us to offer our clients most attractive and successful solutions for selling and recycling catalysts and non-ferrous metals while using newest technologies and innovation.

Our aim is to offer professional service delivery, become your trusted partners and find the best and most suitable solutions. We are confident that we can find the most optimal solution only by working together.


Katalizatorių supirkimas

Ceramic and metal catalysts

RECYCLING tec&sol buys car catalysts and DPF filters, which are not suitable for usage. We are offering the best price for our clients by evaluating it with XRF method and according to prices, valid in the metal exchange. Check our catalyst purchase price calculator.


Wires and circuit boards

RECYCLING tec&sol buys scrap of wires and circuit boards. We are offering best pricing to our clients by evaluating buying price with expert method as well as prices available at the metal exchange

We are ready to pay highest purchase prices for your scrap of catalysts, wires and circuit boards.

How and where ?

Please kindly contact us by phone at +370 682 85 209 and inform us how many catalysts, wires and circuit boards you want to sell.

We can come to your place and buy the scrap right from your car when it’s convenient for you.

You can bring it to our plant, which is located in A. Ryliškio 42, Senosios Varėnos k., Varėna r. sav.



We are the most innovative catalysts, wires, circuit boards and other metal processing company in the Baltic States which has acquired the most efficient equipment to serve our clients’ needs. We understand your expectations, aim to save your time and are driven to guarantee quality.

Ceramic catalysts scrap recycling process

Metallic catalysts recycling process

Recycling process of wires and circuit boards


UAB „Recycling tec&sol“

+370 682 85 209

A. Ryliškio g. 42, Senosios Varėnos k., Varėnos r. sav.